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Customer Testimonials

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Shafiq Reshid

Consulted Yegnesh, once for a graphic design project , his services were excellent in terms of quality as well as flexibility. He had an agile working process and was ready for any last minute changes without any hassle. He is very inclusive in the decision making process and very comfortable to work with. Have been a regular client to yegnesh ever since.

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Sharadha Sridharan


Beyond expectations!!

Yegneshwaran Hariharan has been working with me as a Video and Graphics Editor. His work has been brilliant throughout and he also has sound knowledge of the subject. Yegneshwaran is  very responsive, attentive and delivers what you exactly want. I have enjoyed working with him and would like to have a long partnership with him.


Ellango Ratnam

Consulted Yegneshwaran for a Instagram Post, he was excellent at his work and I was impressed by a kinetic typography video he made for the social media ad . And thereafter I started working with him for Ad  Videos & Posts for social media. He delivers the project within the stipulated time without comprising the quality of the content. 


Gaurav Rawal

Great and fast response. Would recommend.

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